bolivian frazadas from l'aviva home -called frazadas, have been handwoven by aymara women in the andean region since pre-hispanic times, and used to protect against the high altitude cold. weaving of each frazada is done in two separate parts which are then sewn together; this central seam shows decorative details and colors that highlight the beauty of the tapestry

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Thick, vintage Bolivian frazadas are remarkable with their beautiful, bold and colorful striped patterns. Made from sheep's wool, they are handwoven, then hand spun and can be used as a blanket, rug, wall hanging or textile for upholstery projects. Traditional frazadas are perhaps the last vestige of traditional hand weaving still thriving in the central Andes. #globaltextile #globalstyle #textilejunkie #bohemian #blanket #frazada

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