BEST Baby Shower Gifts

30 Unexpected Baby Shower Gifts That Are Sheer Genius


Moustache pacifiers? What drollery. Don't worry, I'm sure your child will remember you making them look like a hipster douchebag in their infancy when it's time to put you in a nursing home. I hope you enjoy your stay at Bob's Geriatric Barn n' Bargains.


Sippy Cup Leash, Sippy Cup Strap, New Baby Gift, Christmas Gift - Black Pink Dots

This is genius!!!

Sippy Cup Leash, Sippy Strap, Bottle Tether, Sippy Cup Strap Suction Cup, Brown Pink Polka Dots


Birth: nailed it --- white bodysuit, size 0-3 months --- blue

definitely just ordered this for the baby! @Lesley Pomroy ----- I may be addicted to pinterest as I feel compelled to keep pinning these great finds. *********** IF YOU LIKE THIS PIN, PLEASE RE-PIN IT TO ONE OF YOUR BOARDS AND SHARE THE LOVE! ************

Lego mat - such a smart idea. I can make one of these.

The Classics Gifting Kit