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    Blacktip Reef sharks, Maldive Islands - The Republic of the Maldives is an island nation in the Indian Ocean consisting of a double chain of twenty-six atolls. A geological eccentricity nestled in the middle of the Indian Ocean, the Maldives are a series of ancient coral reefs that grew up around the sides of towering prehistoric volcanoes which have long since sunk into the ocean, leaving behind coral islands of renown natural beauty.

  • Francesca Rizzo

    Poor sharks! “Put yourself out there,” they said. “Plenty of fish in the sea,” they said. Photo by Karl Robertson

  • Jolee Ramos

    Shark Circles school of fish leaves clear circles around sharks, as seen from above

  • McCarthy Photo Studio

    Sometimes the photo belongs to the person brave enough to go find it. The Hunt, sharks, fish

  • Anna Mitchell

    Okay, so maybe not adorable, but great photo of amazing animals.

  • Studio Tuesday

    School of fish makes way for sharks. Maldives. Photo by Karl Robertson

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Bull Sharks are able to go up rivers into fresh water. They are being found in the Louisiana bayous, the Mississippi River, and in Florida rivers and waterways.

Alimentos clave: El pescado está compuesto por ácidos grasos omega 3 que previenen enfermedades cardiovasculares, diversos tipos de cáncer y transtornos inflamatorios y de la piel.

Amazing photo taken in someone said, looks more like a scene from Starship Trooper (or something)

The white blue-eyed animals are Spirit teachers and should be protected. Bow acknowledgement and ask for their teaching...then listen and be thankful. The Tiger beings are teachers of power, inner strength and survival and independence as well as understanding family dynamics and values and how to balance these things. Johan Adkins

Whale Shark feedin by OrigamiKid via Flickr

Zebra Shark i have come to the conclusion that no picture or video give this creature its due credit. These sharks are prehistoric beauties, and normally beautiful isn't a term used to describe sharks. These however, are gorgeous creatures

One is not like the others . . .hmmm don't we all feel that way some days!!

Go to South Africa,specifically the area called the ring of death and just watch great white sharks jump out of the water. Not get in the water but just see them jump like Shamu.

Whale Shark feeding | Mario Gallucci - Flickr - Photo Sharing! - Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium, Japan