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    Absolutely true. You are YOU, don't try and be anyone else. #Wisdom! See more awesome image quotes here --->

    So true

    This is a no-brainer - If you truly care about someone you won't lie to them. It's true in love, in friendships and in family relationships. Don't do it but if you've already lied and you want to keep that person in your life, just fess up and apologize. Again, a no-brainer. You can't lie your way out of a lie.



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    Very True ♥

    Where are you getting your motivation from this weekend? #WiseWords #Motivation #YourChoice


    too true, too true.



    it's so true

    This is so true. The trick is to do it without destroying the relationship between giver and taker. Nope...still working on that.


    Moments: our lives are made up of a series of moments. If you're lucky, you'll get to have hundreds, even thousands of them. There will be small moments. Moments when you're doing something so mundane you won't realize you're in a moment. There will also be big moments. Life changing ones. These ones will be in your memory for an awfully long time. Keep them all safe. This is a moment.

    My marriage, my fitness, my work ethic, my academic achievements..everything about my life..must strive to be better!!!