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Explore the capacity of grams and kilograms. Your students will ponder "It would make sense to use [volume unit] to measure liquid for..." and "It would NOT

My Teaching Heart: Matter- solid liquid gas

This 19 slide Powerpoint Slideshow offers 2nd, 3rd and 4th grade students with a fun activity to practice the units of metric mass, grams and kilog...

AWESOME Fractions Game: Powerpoint

This 11 page measurement activity book is aligned with the second grade common core standards for measuring in inches and centimeters. Children go...

Cereal box design activity using area and perimeter

measure inches and centimeters

Math Workshop: How Do I Get Started? My journey into using math workshop and how to get started in your own classroom.

Gram and Kilogram Anchor Chart

I really like this interactive idea to get students familiar with grams and kilograms.

Hundreds Chart Teaching Tool

metric measurement: Gram and Kilogram video

Cups, Gallons, Liters, Grams, Pounds, and more! If you are using the Grade 3 EnVisions math curriculum, these power points are a great resource to ...

Help your students to understand measuring mass in grams and kilograms with this wonderful IWB lesson. http://interactivelessons.com.au/

Skip Counting Chart - Just print it off

Volume and Mass Scoot~ CCSS {{Freebie}} Practice volume and mass in a fun way with this Volume and Mass Scoot. It is aligned to CCSS 3.MD.2. Students will be solving problems using liters, kilograms, and grams. They will also read beakers and choose units of measure. Grade Level(s): Third, Fourth

Comparing Numbers Task Cards - Freebie!

Metric Mass Sort The object of this activity is for students to sort cards into the categories they would measure them with. For example, would you measure an apple with grams or kilograms? $2.00 - The Center Based Classroom

Let's Measure! Kindergarten Math for the Common Core Classroom--capacity, length, height, weight, width, sorting $ #measurement

Quadrilateral Classification Chart FREE

This 6-page center can give your students hands-on practice with measuring objects using inches. The measurements include whole, half, and quarter...