• Juliana Monteiro

    Às vezes ele parece um modelo profissional, como nesse ensaio da Esquire : | 34 vezes em que David Luiz mostrou por que merece ser o ídolo do momento

  • Laya Rojas

    How to wear colour | with David Luiz

  • 1107A

    Esquire - David Luiz - Tom van Schelven

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I still want to sit on his cheekbones, so.... But this is embarrassing as fuck.

LMFAO i'm so embarrassed for him holy shit.

DAT. LIP LICK. never over it. Jesus be a jug of water to quench my thirst~~~

this is us, to him

Need him to be my baby daddy tho

Dis d'Artagnan ass babe. PAPI

Ochoa because da curls get da gurls tbh.

Marcelo because he's like a fucking rainbow of cute. Also because he's getting kissed on the head by my other Brazilian bae.

David Luiz because we have the same hair (when I don't flat iron the shit out of mine) and he's so cute qt!!!


Mats Hummels. He sometimes looks likes like a musketeer but seriously UNF at this tasty bit of schnitzel.

Yoann Gourcuff. Enchanté tbh.

Let's start off the World Cup hotties list shall we? Claudio Marchisio. Let me just sit on his face. Dat ruggedness. Estos ojos. PAPI

Just FYI: I'm kind of into Beau Mirchoff on Awkward. He's such a pretty dudebro.

Taecyeon doing what he does best: being pretty.

just a double breasted vest on top? i'll take it

That cheek contour (clearly on a shame spiral with this photo series)

The sunglasses half-off look.

Taecyeon and Kim Jae-Wook. Dead.

Tuxedo Mask, obvs.

Corey Parker and Melanie Mayron in thirtysomething. The chemistry, girl.

Laurence Fishburne in School Daze.

Hyun Bin. I want to ~experience dis man, Kelsy. I need to.

I mean, really? Kim-Hee-Ae-et-Yoo-Ah-In-Elle-April-2014.jpg (676×436)