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Yoga Cards for Women

Bring mind and body back to their natural state of calm with this yoga sequence. Visit

Sweet Potato Hash Egg Cups

Sweet Potato Hash Egg Cups - we're taking baked eggs to the next level and adding a sweet potato/cheddar cheese base for the most delicious, satisfying savory breakfast you'll eat this year!

Why Every Busy Woman Should Try Acupuncture

When I found out my new health insurance covered twenty-five sessions of acupuncture treatments in a calendar year, I thought to myself, why not try it? I've always been curious about the benefits

Pregnant and Over 35: Acupuncture​ may increase success in IVF pregnancy. Women who are pregnant and over 35 may experience low back pain, nausea and other physical issues. Women who undergo IVF face the risk of miscarriage. In both these sets of circumstances, acupuncture while pregnant may prove helpful. Another benefit that has potential to change the IVF experience for hopeful women is the role acupuncture has in the success of an IVF pregnancy.

50 Healthy Low Calorie Weight Loss Dinner Recipes!

50 Healthy Low Calorie Weight Loss Dinner Recipes! |

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) can originate from various causes ranging from aggression to violence or disasters. Any situation causing emotional, physical or mental trauma can result in PTSD.

This acupuncture point is very effective to treat almost any kind of gynecological disease including irregular menses, dysmenorrhea, menorrhagia, amenorrhea, endometriosis, fallopian tube blockage, uterine pain or fibroids, frequent miscarriage and infertility. Read more ›