Home-made pin board

Old frames with cork boards

Easy, cheap and simple DIY do it yourself fabric pin boards - fabric scraps, cork board, hot glue gun! (Pinboards / corkboards)

cork cork board

mood board

chalk board with wine cork border

Home-made cork board made with collected corks and old frame and used some nice big wine glasses to have corks spilling out of them, love it! It's art and a functional cork board at the same time :)

a vertical cork board made by putting wine corks on a yardstick

Store and organize board games in a hanging shoe organizer. Never thought of this.

Recently started saving wine corks. Love this idea - DIY wine cork board

Painted clothes pins.

Christmas tree with vintage buttons and pins.

wine corks!

DIY? Hand painted map, pin where you've been...

Make your own makeup magnetic board..cute idea with the baskets

Magnetic Board

Wine Cork Christmas Tree Ornament

Earring board from a frame, tried this one out and worked beautifully

love the magnetic makeup board

Cork Bird house