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Favorite Font Combinations - Fonts, fonts and more fonts! This is a collection of my favorite font combinations and they are all FREE! #cards #crafts #design

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Disney fonts are really popular.  You can use them for kids birthday parties, printables, kid crafts, web design, you name it.  I personally am a fan of anything Mickey mouse, probably because my son adores him (and Minnie, too.)  You will definitely want to download some of these free disney fonts! 11 Free Disney Fonts …


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Designeditor+halloweenfonts Graphic designer gives free font sources every friday. These are the Halloween ones.

MONOGRAMS 72 fonts & frames Most are free (yay!) and those that are not, have a pink number next to them.

free FONT friday | fabulous WEDDING SCRIPT fonts ~~ {10 free fonts w/ easy download links}

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