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    This infographic provides information about headaches. It provides a description of different types of headaches and it provides a list of different t random



    • Jennifer MacDonald

      Descriptions of headaches - Kate said cluster headaches & migraine headaches best describe her from this chart. Tension Headaches from this chart (along with a humming noise) are part of what she calls "brain fog" or "fuzzy brain".

    • The Flourishing Rebel

      Story of my life. I was originally diagnosed with Cluster headaches which have since turned into a Chronic Daily headache. Ugh.

    • Lauren Eicher

      Headaches....holy crap I've had cluster headache/migraine. Horrible! Feels like a knife digging into my eye socket or temple

    • Sarah Cook

      Evidently I get what's called a cluster headache/migraine. They suck so bad I almost always throw up. Maybe some of these tips will help :/

    • Murphy Riedl

      headache infograph... great information for chronic headache/migraine suffers

    • Kirsten

      Headache Chart - This is My Life - Migraine Headaches & Cluster Headaches :(

    • Hailey Lowman

      Headache-Migraines.. I know this is not a home remedy but it's interesting!

    • Clyde Flowers

      Health,Fitness and Me: How to cure headaches

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