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  • Jessica Crews

    Mosquito Bite Remedy. I'll have to try this. Bugs bite me a lot!

  • Kim Waymack

    mosquito bite remedy - rub bar soap on the bite- I had no idea (i wish I had known thisa few weeks ago...)

  • Kara Mastrodonato

    mosquito bite remedy - rub a dry bar soap on the bite

  • Amanda Kern

    mosquito bite remedy - rub bar soap on the bite. Must try this for the kids!

  • Crystal Villanueva

    Fail. This actually hurt my kid, Indian burn, Vicks works way better! Best mosquito bite remedy: Rub dry soap over the bite for instant itch relief. I'm definitely trying this!

  • Ashley Bollinger

    mosquito bite remedy - rub bar soap on the bite. It works!

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Best mosquito bite remedy ever! I will need to remember this for me, my children and my grandchildren.

Couldnt be easier just rub a bar of dry soap right over the mosquito bite and it stops itching!

In the comments a woman also states applying rubbing alcohol or hand sanitizer asap it can ease the sting. Worth a shot!

DIY Mosquito Bite Remedies... since I end up with 85 bites when nobody has any.

natural bug bite remedies I don't know if these will "actually" work BUT living in the Mid-West and seeing how Mosquitos LOVE me I'm for sure going to try these out!!!!

sometimes I'm suspicious of "wives' taley" type home remedies, but I know a few of these to work really well.

list of several ideas for mosquito itch relief. we've had great success with rubbing alcohol if we apply it quick enough but here are other ideas too

Some of these sound like they'd be worth trying, but Listerine to clean out a broken blister??!! I don't think so, Satan!! ;)

And right in your home/kitchen!!