President To Be Elected Putin Returns To Bashing America. Vladimir Putin believes that American Foreign Policy poses a threat to global security due to arrogance and double standards. The United States, in his opinion, constitutes the major threat to global security due to a number of glaring flaws in its foreign policy.

THIS SHOULD WAKE AMERICA UP....PLEASE READ AND PASS ON Obama's Islamic Supremacist Human Rights Rep - Obama has appointed a man who has praised Hamas and Hizballah, and blamed Israel for 9/11, to be the United States’ representative at the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe’s (OSCE) annual 10-day human rights conference, the Human Dimension Implementation Meetings (HDIM). || NOTE: Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) is the group monitoring US electi...

"It is clear that President Obama did not get an agreement from Russian president Putin [on Syria]," CBS reports. "And interestingly," CBS adds, "Apparently President Obama got a bit of a lecture from Putin about some other failed transitions that are going on around the world."

Police state.

Can Kazakhstan fill the world's leadership void? The lack of global leadership, what we at Eurasia Group call the G-Zero, has become a common refrain among international thinkers. Over in his Ak Orda (White Horde) , Kazakhstan's President Nursultan Nazarbayev is planning to do something about it. G-Global will disseminate a plan for global reform in May. On hand to provide intellectual firepower is the Eurasian Economic Club, which has already produced a draft.

He has No American Values!

PLEASE!!!! LOOK THEM UP AND LEARN WHAT THESE ARE. It is what this president is all about! Educate yourself.

Obama on Islam: " I consider it part of my responsibility as president of the United States to fight against negative stereotypes of Islam wherever they appear." - Obama Cairo Univ. June 2009

On JANUARY 25, 1941, Democrat President Franklin D. Roosevelt wrote the foreword to a Special Military Edition of the New Testament & Book of Psalms, distributed to millions of soldiers and sailors by The Gideon’s International: As Commander-in-Chief I take pleasure in commending the reading of the Bible to all who serve in the armed forces of the United States...

Obama to Condemn Christian Filmmaker Before United Nations >> Not only are we seeing the White House and State Department call more attention to the Mohammed-mocking "Innocence of Muslims" than any terrorist network ever could've hoped for, but the President's indefensible scapegoating of the film and filmmaker to draw attention and blame away from U.S. security failures apparently knows no bounds

Gay Activists Visiting White House Take Photos of Themselves Flipping Off Reagan Portrait. Last Friday, an attaché of important gay people from Philadelphia made a trip to Washington D.C. as invited guests of President Barack Obama for the White House’s first-ever gay pride reception... some of them took advantage of photo opportunities to give the late President Ronald Reagan the middle finger.

Obama advisor John Brennan speaks about the beauty of Islam. YouTube video of John Brennan, the President’s national security advisor, praising Islam and the Arab culture to an unidentified group of Arabs that is so revealing it should be probable cause for his removal from office.

Arrogant Obama “Warns” Congress

The Vetting, Part I: Barack's Love Song To Alinsky. Andrew did not want to re-litigate the 2008 election. Nor did he want to let Republicans off the hook. Instead, he wanted to show that the media had failed in its most basic duty: to uncover the truth, and hold those in power accountable, regardless of party. From today through Election Day, we will vet this president--and his rivals.

Obama Invites Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood President to Meet Next Week – Refuses to Meet Netanyahu. Barack Obama invited Muslim Brotherhood Egyptian President Mohammad Morsi to meet with him in New York next week. But… Barack Obama won’t meet with Israeli leader Netanyahu over Iran row. He’s going to be campaigning and on Letterman.

Hunt for Assad is on amid claims of wife Asma's exit to Russia. Rumours about the location of the royal couple were rife yesterday with unverified reports claiming that President Bashar al-Assad had fled to safety in the coastal province of Latakia while his glamorous British-born wife left for Russia.

A high school teacher in North Carolina was suspended after she told a student he could be ARRESTED for criticizing President Obama.. Not surprisingly, the White House just named her TEACHER OF THE YEAR!

11 Points Of Comparison Between Life In The United States And Life Under Hitler From A Woman Who Has Experienced Both

Al-Qaeda indicates responsibility for killing US envoy in Libya, urges more attacks. Assault was response to US drone strike in June that killed its Libyan-born number two. In an audio recording released to coincide with the 9/11 anniversary, Zawahiri asserted an Islamic duty to “liberate” every inch of Muslim lands, and called upon Muslims to “purify” their countries of corrupt leaders during what he termed a period of “American weakness.”