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Child of the Universe - She blows us kisses across time and space, gaining everlasting goodness and energy from her crystal. Legend has it that crystals embody the power to heal and protect so it is no wonder that the child of the universe draws from the crystal before her. Beside her is a galactic jet emitting a flood of charged particles to fill her with light and life. She gently blows her magic kisses across time and space, sending peace and beauty into our world.

Undine - The beautiful nymph Undine rises from her watery depths bearing gifts of plants and water creatures to enhance our world. In her hand she holds an ancient artefact, an offering from Neptune, meant to inspire the imagination and lift the spirits of the harpist. Her crown of candles illuminates the waterfall of life cascading from her hair to surround the harpist with gentle currents of comfort and peace.