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    So beautiful.

    "soulmates " -Victoria Erickson

    I think that this is something that should not expect to happen in my life anymore. I think this more than likely a pipe dream at this point in my life. But- it is a beautiful saying.

    I deserve to wake up in bed next to a man that is happy to see me beside him, that kisses me in spite of morning breath, and can't get out of bed before making love to me again.

    Nothing is more accurate

    Wedding Sign Painted Wooden Shabby Chic Decoration by kimgilbert3, $28.00

    "But I love your feet only because they walked upon the earth and upon the wind and upon the waters, until they found me." ~Pablo Neruda

    They say that when people fall in love for the first time it is because that person was our love in another life.

    Maybe love is when someone arouses your heart in ways that no one else did before. Maybe love is the ability to connect to the good pieces of yourself, the ones that are not always so visible. Maybe love is your recognition and amazement in being surprised with how much care you’re capable of giving, the amount of worry you can have, the fervent desire in wanting the best for the other person, and your ability to lift them higher. Maybe it’s really that simple. To really...

    A Woman doesn’t need a perfect man. All she needs is someone she can trust and who won’t be cheating on her physically or emotionally behind her back. Every woman needs a man who loves her immensely and will never play games with her heart. And last but not the least she needs a […]

    Sweet quote

    Don't say I didn't warn you....

    Stylabl Words

    My dear I wonder if you still visit our lovely Pinterest world where we usually pin love on each other's heart. I miss you dearly. I know we are getting through hard times of LDR. Fear and anxiety strangle me. The future seems so bleak. But there's one thing for sure. I don't wanna lose you at all cost. So fight with me ok? :D

    Oh my gosh, but it is true. Everyone wants someone who's perfect, you can think that u have someone perfect all the time, but sooner or later your gonna have to come back to reality and face the fact that he isn't. But he is special, as special as could be!

    This gives me chills

    Grey's Anatomy is 'Love'

    Disney's teachings about love

    Romans 5:8.


    So, so true!!!!


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    oh yes.