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Artist Aydin Büyüktas’ Inception-like Flatland features flattened symmetrical landscapes, as if the world was pasted onto a two-dimensional curve. He used a quadcopter to take numerous photos of his subjects then combined those images in Photoshop.

If you're in Tokyo, you have to visit Akihabara! It's a crazy neighbourhood full of anime, gaming, electronics and maid cafes. Visit City Cookie for more Japan travel tips.

What to do in Akihabara, Tokyo

10 Things To Do When in Akihabara, Tokyo!

Akihabara is considered by many to be an otaku cultural center and a shopping district for computer goods, video games, anime, and manga. As you requested, we listed our 10 recommended activities when in Akihabara!

Nakamise Dori (a big shopping street in Asakusa) and the front of Senso-ji in the spring.

Nakamise street in Asakusa Tokyo Japan. For touristy Japanese knickknacks, the best places to shop are Nakamise in Asakusa and the Oriental Bazaar in Omotesando

Rue de Tokyo Japon

Tokyo, Japan - Beautiful Tokyo Tower in the distance. Would loooove to go

Japan Tokyo sunset || Dan Kamminga

Tokyo- You need to live in the best environment if you don't want to get involved with defamation or negative action from bad neighbors.

なんじゃコリャ!伸びた蕎麦か?。  dallas tx (usa)

Dallas highways engineering marvel - unless you're driving there! Is this an actual photo of the highways in Dallas?