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Bad dads and moronic mums: More shocking pictures of the world's worst parents…

Hapless toddlers are seen with cigarettes dangling from their mouths and guzzling bottles of beer, in this latest collection of shots of appalling.
  • George D

    Grimace eating a kid. : ) I think with Grimace's angry brows, in this pic, he is quite the scary creeper! But it would still be cool to get a costume like this for Halloween!

  • Leah Beatty

    Om nom nom how Grimace has a Happy Meal

  • Samantha Jacobs

    i don't know why this struck me as SO funny, but i just laughed so hard i cried.

  • Jason Mains

    The Grimace! Nom nom nom delicious children!

  • Little Smilemakers Studio

    That boy is one tough cookie! I didn't know cookie monster likes to eat kids aswell. Very funny awkward photograph!

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