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from Amazing Lace

Never Let Go Slate Blue V-Neck Quarter Sleeve Dress

I love the color scheme of this outfit!! ♡ #amazinglace #ALbabes

Pinterest may not be selling for $1 billion (yet), but it's one of the hottest things on the web at the moment. While growth rate has slowed down a bit recently, unsurprisingly since it was unsustainably huge for a few months, the site keeps on getting new users and keeps on getting bigger. Daily unique visitors have doubled in March from January, from two million visits to four million, according an infographic created by Tamba and based on Google Analytics data. The site got 2.3 billion page views in March, a huge number, and people spent on average 14.2 minutes on the site on each visit. The best represented age segments on Pinterest are still 25 to 34 and 35 to 44. More men are using the site as well, 80 percent of users were women in January. In March, 28 percent of users were men. Via: Pinterest Doubled Its Daily Visitors in Two Months (Infographic)