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  • Anna Marshall

    Twelve Things to do this November in preparation for Christmas: A really deep clean. Prepare your home for Christmas decorating by getting things spiffy clean. During the busyness of December you will be able to get by with just some maintenance cleaning. Get a Christmas photo taken. Whether it's for your Christmas cards, gifts for the grand parents or just for your own records, now is the time to get a family photo taken. If you want to get them done professionally and haven't booked your photographer yet, you may want to do that right now! Go to the Salon. Dye your hair, get your eyebrows waxed, do whatever cosmetic things you like to do but won't have a lot of time for during the Christmas rush. Finish up any home decor projects that are hanging over your head. Buy Christmas outfits for the whole family. Get this out of the way before the malls fill with frantic shoppers. Don't forget that you need something elegant to wear to your Christmas festivities too! Set the date for any holiday parties you would like to host and try to send out invites one month prior to the date of the party. Stock the pantry with Christmas baking essentials Double a couple weeknight dinners and freeze half for busy December days Hang outdoor Christmas lights

  • Alison Homer

    The Complete Guide to Imperfect Homemaking: Twelve Things to do This November (in Preparation for Christmas)

  • Jackie Smith

    12 Things to do in November to get ready for Christmas. Really good list! 1 A really deep clean 2 Christmas photo 3 Salon visit 4 Finish home decor projects 5 Christmas outfits purchased 6 Calendar 7 Stock the pantry 8 Freeze a couple of meals for busy days 9 Hang Christmas lights 10 Plan gift giving

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Vintage Christmas card ... reminds me of my German Grandmother. Yes, @Christiane Boles and @Ann Woods Hawks?

How to relax and actually enjoy the Christmas season? "And the SECRET is this: *Start early. *Give yourself deadlines. *Do only the things you enjoy. Let the rest go. --Part of starting early is to use the month of November to do the 'work' of Christmas. November is about for *preparing* for Christmas. December is for *enjoying* Christmas." Awesome advice! See post for her November to-do list and goals. {Echoes of Laughter}

12 things to do in November to prepare for Christmas

Christmas in less than 100 days! The more we plan for the expenses that occur during December, I believe the more we can truly enjoy the season. Here are ten things you can do in the next few months to ensure your Christmas is restful, enjoyable and frugal!

Christmas is made of little things. #vintage #Christmas #cards *1500 free paper dolls for Christmas gifts Arielle Gabriels The International Paper Doll Board also free Asian paper dolls at The China Adventures of Arielle Gabriel *

Printable Christmas songs...would be cute framed.

Christmas wish list, cute! This + Toys R Us Christmas catalog = SO MUCH FUN!

Christmas wish lists for the kids..let them cut pictures out then hang them up. Parent gift, maybe? Any color they want for all year- bday, Christmas, etc. could also make for ss u it on economics for wants and budget lesson

Children's Christmas Wish List - super cute and you could probably DIY!

Have you ever made a Christmas To-DON"T list? I just did. Here are 5 things I'm refusing to do this Christmas season. What would you add to the list?

Gorgeous! This is exactly, perfectly what i imagine when i think of my future home! the stone walls, meeting the brick walls. with dark brown wooded floors, and big picture/ collages on the walls... so perfect in every way! oh! and dont forget the lighting!