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Ten Bloggers to Follow on Pinterest

I love Pinterest, and I am betting you do too. The secret to a really good Pinterest experience is the people you follow. Sure, we all follow our real life friends. We like to see how they plan to redecorate their master bedroom via their pins. But variety is the spice of life, right? Well, …

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* Look at it as an organizational tool. * Focus on content. * Be link conscious. * Quality over quantity. * Be the original source. * This is a marathon, not a sprint. * Pin when you read. * "your Pinterest account is an extension of your brand." * But be more than your niche.

How to Avoid Hackers & Spam on Pinterest | HelloSociety Blog - I know that this pin isn't a recipe, however, since so many of us are bloggers, I thought I would share this post with you on this group board. If you have any concerns about your Pinterest account, then this is a must read! We must all work together to keep hackers and spam off of our accounts.

Have you ever failed at something? If you have then you know how I felt when, not one but TWO of my blogs failed! The good thing about "failures" though is that there is almost always a good lesson learned.

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