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  • Katie Louk

    20 Things to Make Life as a Mom Easier. Some really smart and simple tricks! Being a mom is the toughest job around - I could use all the help I can get!

  • Carrie Arrington

    20 Things to Make Life Easier with Kids

  • Tiffany Sandberg-Farr

    20 things to make life as a Mom easier! Some pretty good ideas here.

  • Caitlyn Brown

    20 Things to Make Life as a Mom Easier - There are a lot of simple but truly great tips here! I am totally going to do the wipes boxes for "Too Big, Too Small, Donate" clothes!

  • Dawn Pingle Fulk

    20 things to make life as a mom easier. Most of these are common sense but still great ideas.

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Besides being able to kiss a boo-boo away, and put a bandaid on an ouchie, and stop the rush of a nosebleed with our shirt sleeve, what first aid skills do we really have? If an emergency arose, would we be able to stand in the gap and help out, or wait silently by hoping that an ambulance gets there in time? Make these a priority for you to learn!!