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Only who are so foolish as to think to change the world really change it. Blog for adult readers. Only for people who are older than If you're younger, please leave this page. DISCLAIMER: All the pictures featured on this page belong to their...

Binding with Briars My Joys & Desires: A garden of bourgeois pseudo-intellectual musings. A blog of intelligent beauty. By: An annoyingly curious graduate student in the humanities. "And the gates of this Chapel were shut, And ‘Thou shalt not’ writ...

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40 Inventive Examples of Abstract Photography

In some ways if you look at the examples, it does not represent the subject in literal way and communicates more through colors and form of curves other than the image detail.

La Paciencia, el Orden, y la Concentraciòn en la tarea presente, son los elementos claves de todo los grandes avances. -Entonces, Son tus Virturdes lo que haràn de ti y un nuevo amanecer. FELIX CAMPOVERDE VELEZ