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Syamakantha Fighting a Tiger. 19th century, Calcutta. // In India, art is an integral part of daily life. The importance of paintings, sculpture, textiles and other art forms comprises two basic categories, one related to religious practices and the other to the expression of prestige and social position.

Bharathanatyam - Everything in the universe has rhythm. Nataraj's (king of dance) movements symbolize this.

Shiva in his form of Dakshinamurthy “Indian Gods”, One album of 34 illustrations. 1688-1725. Painted in gouache by French missionaries. Southern Andhra Pradesh, India. (via Bibliothèque nationale de France)

A carved stone Stele depicting Siva with two cobras South India, 17th-18th Century of arched form tapering towards either side at base and peaking with a makara head, the central area with two intertwining cobras, three trefoils either side and flower heads to interstices, their heads confronting either side of a lingam 64 cm. high x 31 cm. diam.