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BOOM, ROASTED: Here's why you don't ask a feminist to hawk your sexist product.

BOOM, ROASTED: Here's Why You Don't Ask A Feminist To Hawk Your Sexist Product Especially if that feminist is as sharp as Ellen DeGeneres.

Maybe it will take another 100 years. Maybe 200 years. If the world is not blown to smithereens before then.

Pink and Blue - Telling the Boys from the Girls in America. Jo B. Paoletti’s journey through the history of children’s clothing began when she posed the question, “When did we start dressing girls in pink and boys in blue?” To uncover the answer, she looks at advertising, catalogs, dolls, baby books, mommy blogs and discussion forums, and other popular media to examine the surprising shifts in attitudes toward color as a mark of gender in American children’s clothing.

#FeelTheBern poster

#FeelTheBern poster

#FeelTheBern poster

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Meliannos on

Fox News - They went to court to fight for the right to lie to you....and won. "It is our constitutional right to misinform our viewers"


Sometimes the truth comes from the most unexpected person…

Not unexpected. Marilyn Manson is an intelligent, thoughtful, kind, well-spoken human being. Many people just choose to overlook that, or never learn at all because they are close minded. I suppose it's unexpected to them.


Elizabeth Warren On The Daily Show

Elizabeth Warren On The Daily Show, god I love this woman!!

Daddy, why is that stuff "trickling down" yellow?

"We must learn to live together as brothers or perish together as fools." - Martin Luther King, Jr via #Quotation #MLK


Thank Goodness We Aren’t, Right?

Imagine if America was a dictatorship...funny, because it's true.

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Texas Conservatives on

Patriots Who Dare... Click Here #BB4SP


This guy. This guy deserves all the medals…

The mistakes we made are "worthy" of media coverage. Not the thousands of small miracles we faced & experienced every single day. RLTW!

Think back to when you learned rules were to be respected? Did the person who told you that also let you know rules are concepts, thoughts? When they said thoughts should be respected, did they make it clear whose thoughts the rules were and why their thoughts were any more valid than yours?

The President Of Uruguay