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    Religion, No Proof, God is Imaginary, Humans Wrote the Bible. The Napkin religion is the one true religion because it say so right here on this napkin.

    Christian logic.

    Truth : Photo

    I don't see race Find Funny things to Pin here:

    Q: "Why do you have to call it feminism? We all deserve equality and the term makes me feel left out. You should be an equalist or humanist." A: "Because the continued disenfranchisement of women needs to be addressed specifically." Q: "Why do you need black feminism? It should just be feminism. Why would you divide us like that?" A: "Really?" [click on this image to find a short video primer on the three waves of feminism] Artist: Rosalarian, a.k.a., Megan Rose Gedris (

    so i think, if you read this chart, the main probelms with gay marriage are a) most likely based on mutual consent and b) how do you decide which partner must submit sexually when there are two husbands or two wives? those issues do totally screw up the concept of 'traditional' marriage as depicted in the bible ;P

    You've created God in your own image...

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    Quebec passes 'dying with dignity' bill

    Ha... Why would you choose hip replacement to research lol... The Real Cost Of Healthcare In The US

    A hell of a hook line....

    KIMBERLY LUCAS: Investigators reveal alleged suicide note, suspect cites recent bible verse....WWJD

    Next time you're buying an inappropriately revealing clubbing outfit for your 14 y/o made in an Indonesian sweatshop for Forever 21, just remember that they're apparently a Christian company

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    I love you George #funny #love #george #humor #comedy #lol

    Steve Sack cartoon: 'The talk' | Star Tribune

    El árbol genealógico de la religión.

    Churches clearly shouldn't be taxed. -reddit

    Girls Power, Politics Liberal Feminism

    Equality isn't ALWAYS justice! Food for thought for the Right AND the Left…

    Younger generations lead move as Americans lose faith in the Bible, poll shows - Washington Times

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