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THIS IS BEAUTIFUL (CREDIT TO @NOTAPANICFAN noididnotjustrealizethatuserwasalreadyinthepictureandi'mjustchangingthecaptionnownohaha)


L.S. Anders on

Rhysand- it is so hard to chose...

what is jhope doing <<< just his job - bringing hope and sunshine to this dark world. what did you think he was doing?

Norman Reedus photographed by Kirk McKoy for Los Angeles Times “‘I do some of my best thinking with a helmet on. You’re aware of everything going on; it’s not like you tune out what you’re doing. But...

Dream Angels NEW! Metallic Lace Teddy #VictoriasSecret

110214 Twitter update Hello it's Jin, Who wanted to look sexy... sadly I didn't come out sexy so I took another one, what do you think

Jason Momoa-the perfect picture of a fallen angel. <<<- Not my words but yes, that's what he reminds me of and it goes with a story that's been at the back of my mind for a while. *sighs* HERE I GO AGAIN! STR

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