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I needed some distraction from sorting all the stuffs in the storage room and made a poncho. I've seen some made from scarfs and it seems like a quick and easy pattern-less project. This is also go...

DIY Masquerade Mask...This would be cool for Halloween, or for everyday wear, doing things such as: (pick one) washing dishes, laundry, changing diapers, vacuuming, driving kids to school, grocery shopping, mowing the lawn, cooking dinner, going to church, exercising (endless possibilities, I know). Would wearing a masquerade mask transform me from ordinary mom into superhero mom?


Between crushes, fascinations and lust-have trends, our sea of inspiration is never-ending, which brings me to my latest obsession… the color MINT!  From my manicures to my midnight snacks, I just cant get enough.  I took a cue from my go-to hue and decided to inject a happy medium (literally) into my home. A new coat of paint can transform a room and your mood, but choosing the right color can be a little nerve-racking. I dove into this DIY with my head and paint brush held high knowing that...

Teaching Blog Addict: CAN you SEE a PATTERN?

the "color pop" seam technique - see kate sew

guide to spray painting EVERYTHING!

How to do custom lettering without a fancy machine or carbon paper...i love smart people. So simple even I COULD DO IT :)

Cake Decorating using coloring book pages

Video of how to do letters - definitely fun and worth a watch!

how to evenly stripe a bag with glitter

How to perfectly add scrapbook paper to wooden letters.

Place sticker letters on wooden sign, paint, then peel off stickers. Much easier than handwriting

Different adhesives & what they work best on.

This site is Ahhhmazing! Everything you ever wanted to know about sewing. Sewing guides for tons of things and a bunch of great tutorials!

shaped pocket tutorial

shaped pocket tutorial

Tips for spray painting different materials...I need this!

homemade chalkboard paint in any color you wish!!!

Spray paint? Did you know you can make your own spray paint? All you need is a spray bottle and acrylic paint. Mix 2 parts paint to 1 part water and shake to mix.

Tying double fleece blanket neatly

Fleece blanket woven edge

tutorial for 3d lettering

sewing tutorial - the scallop edge

Ruffle Apron Tutorial - really cute!