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want want want. Someone buy me this!

I need this Hunger Games sweatshirt! Keep calm and may the odds be ever in your favor.

The things that come out of awesome people amazes me

10 Reasons To Fall In Love With Josh Hutcherson

Josh Hutcherson is crazy! He's so funny, especially when he interviews with Jennifer Lawrence! That's why he's awesome

when i watch this i was like very clever. but also like i still don't like youu.

Did You Picture Yourself As Katniss?

Did you picture Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss in The Hunger Games. Or maybe Josh Hutcherson.

a little bit... HA JK... A LOT A BIT

I loved the movie.here is the cast of the movie the hunger games; read the book before you go see it!

I'm Awkward Sweater

I need this shirt. It would help explain a few things when I try to interact with people socially.


LOL, i knew there was a reason why i loved Peeta Mellark so much in The Hunger Games :) You must think of the song "I'm sexy and I know it"

I would totes wear this on Wednesday. :)  Hahaha! mean girls <3

I would totes wear this on Wednesday. mean girls ♥ I WANT

From Little Bear to Hunger Games

From Little Bear to Hunger Games

Was I the only one who didn't know Suzanne Collins wrote Little Bear? and I have to wonder, how did she go from writing for Little Bear to writing the Hunger Games?

Parachute necklace - Solid Sterling Silver 18 inch chain - Natural Pearl - Unique gift for your soldier, skydiver or fan

Supposed to be parachute thing from the Hunger Games. What makes this even more cooler is the the pearl. because Peeta gave Katniss a pearl in the arena of Catching Fire.