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  • Janelle Lopez

    Taylor Swift- well said!

  • Valerie Hernandez

    Taylor Swift. Smart girl.

  • Katie Potter

    Taylor swift with words of wisdom

  • Venus Bieber

    #TaylorSwift #Quotes

  • Kayla Sexton

    Many of us need to remember this and think before we speak.

  • Fiona Scanlan

    This is my favorite quote by Taylor Swift❤Taylor is my role model and she should be yours too. She's amazing,she's taught me so much.shes taught me to be work hard in life and dream big.shes taught me to treat people nicely.and that when life may seem super hard,there still will be a happy ending. Taylor has always worked hard. When she was younger she treated people nicely but they didn't treat her nicely back.taylor was bullied a lot as a little girl.they thought it was weird that she sang instead of sports. But things turned out well for her in the end,Taylor worked hard though. She begged and begged her mom to take them to Nashville to pursue her singing career,finally when she was 14 her mom took her,Taylor swift when down the street giving each record company her demo,she told them to call her if they liked it. Sadly no one called but she didn't give up. When she was performing at a restaurant someone saw Taylor and saw talent.they signed her but they said she wouldn't be able to write her own songs,Taylor had enough courage to say no to what might have been her only chance at a career in singing.bur later on she got signed to big machine records and soon published her first album "Taylor swift" I love this shows her strength ad character. I love Taylor so much an she is my inspiration<3

  • Matt Nash

    Deep thoughts from a young woman. Nicely said. cc @Abby Howard

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a lot of things haven't killed me yet, I must be a big cold bitch.

It's better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring. -Marilyn Monroe

I sang this to your mom and your Aunt Macy until they were grown. I'll sing it to you too! (My momma sang it to me)

My husband sees this and says, "Ha. That's you." It is.

I feel like this is always popping up in my head.

This may be the moment we all fell in love with Ryan Gosling.

especially if he danced like magic mike!

No matter how old you are... or in my case, freak out and call dad so he can calm you down.

"My daughter was asked by a little old lady in a London hotel restaurant what her daddy did - she answered, 'He's a pirate.' - I was very proud of that answer." -- Johnny Depp

HIMYM FTW! - Should probably pin this in "Geeks & Nerds Unite" too.