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    Black African Bush Viper #snake , damn, this is one pretty snake


    Rainbow Snake...are large, heavy bodied snakes closely related to mud snakes because of their secretive habits. Many people consider them to be among the prettiest snakes in the world. If captured, rainbow snakes do not bite and are generally very docile.

    This is the Blue Dragon nudibranch. It spends its life floating on the surface of the ocean. They feed on the poisonous Man of War Jellyfish, collecting the animal's toxins and storing them in little sacs on the end of their feather-like "fingers." The Blue Dragon can produce a much more powerful and deadly sting than the Man of War due to its ability to store the poison.

    Bush viper

    The colors in nature are amazing! Purple chameleon? Yep, it can happen.

    California Red-Sided Garter Snake OK OK I don't like snakes either, but this one is gorgeous!

    hope you didn't buy a snake just for this...

    AFRICAN BUSH VIPER Family: Viperidae Habitat: Remote rainforest regions Fun Fact: These vipers usually ambush their prey from a hanging position.

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    Yes, I think snakes are gross. But come on! This snake is neon PURPLE


    tree python


    We've rounded up some bizarre and crazy animals you never knew existed. I knew about the goblin shark, the mantis shrimp, the bush viper, the narwhal, and the thorny dragon! What about you? -Grace

    White Tiger ~ Bengal tigers are the only subspecies that come in different colors! Because they are a different color, white tigers are often believed to be considered a separate subspecies from orange tigers. That’s not the case! White tigers are Bengal tigers, and they are one of 4 different color variations: orange, white, cinnamon, and snow white.

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    Bush Viper

    Green Bush Viper (Atheris Squamiger) Africa

    Pit #Viper. #snake #reptile