• Jalene Armstrong

    true story. THIS is why I love my grocery store! Has an adult-supervised play area for kids 3yrs-8yrs!! I almost ALWAYS get to grocery shop kid-free!

  • Angel Young

    So funny because it's so true! Story of my life!

  • Lauri Petsch

    mom quotes- wow this is SO true! I l really told someone this in the grocery store yesterday! LOL

  • Laura Muller Chisari

    My life! Ha ha ha!!

  • Kari Hamilton

    I love being a Mom but going to the grocery store without kids would be wonderful!

  • Caitlynn Phelps

    So true! That or it happens to take you 2 hours to get ready every morning. It really takes 45 mins but I enjoy my alone time so much that I don't mind making daddy watch the kids haha

  • Connie Huse

    so true! You also know your life has changed when all your kids grow up and you go to the grocery store and buy the usual stuff and get home and realize I am never going to be able to eat all this food.

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my life


A #millionaire, darling. ;-)

it just is.


why did we not see this sooner?!?

drinks well with others.

However--they are serving them now. I have had a bazillion already! haha.

Just in case anyone was wondering....:)

I would have to agree with this statement. So cheers darlings!!!

AMEN!! Isn't that the truth! :)

story of my life.

I should warn you - All this exercise is making me irresistable.



Hahahahaha this is funny!!!!!

@Danyel McCandless


Product placement.





How funny.