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princess celestia

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Celestia Portrait by ||| My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, alicorn princess, unicorn, pegasus

Simply Princess by on @deviantART Celestia My Little Pony castle

Space Unicorn and Space Cat! - Els-A-Sketch, by Elsa Chang

Princesses Celestia, Luna, and Cadance

Princess Celestia's parents

Princess Celestia

What Mythical Creature Describes Your Personality? Siren: You have won the hearts of many, but let's face it, you play the field a bit. You are a little bit selfish and a bit of a control freak, but dang! You are insanely attractive. The ocean is the place you love most. Everything about it is alluring. Maybe it drew you in the same way you draw others in.

If you are really patient and lucky, you could see an unicorn running around the waterfalls


Unicorns can summon rainbows so that they will look sufficiently majestic in the evening light. Only the most technicolor rainbows are allowed to serve unicorns this way.


unicorn playing


I Believe in Magic- that's why I am a unicorn at work;)

Unicorn Cupcake-Colored shading technique-minimum black lines