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Milla Jovovich Imagery: One eye symbolism, bondage/mirror = mind control slave/multiple personalities

Kate Moss on 4 different i-D magazine covers Imagery: One eye symbolism

Milla Jovovich for Marie Claire Russia by Ellen von Unwerth

some of our favorite celebrities are puppets being controlled by the illuminati (I’m not calling them satanists, just puppets.) though maybe this is just a coincidence. reenacting the allseeing eye/eye in a pyramid.

Karlie Kloss W October 2012 In this pic, the model is holding a cage with a bird trapped in it, a classic symbol representing mind control. To make things more obvious, one of the birds is hiding one of the model’s eyes while the other is shown bleeding.

It's official, Selena Gomez is a puppet of the Elite. Pyramid with One Eye, Lightning Bolts = Satanic imagery, on the same shirt as "Jesus Saves". Blasphemy. Blowing out her brains, promoting violence and dehumanization.

The All Seeing Eye on American one dollar bill. Each point, points to a letter.... and this spells out "mason"

Glamourfrom Glamour

Reese Witherspoon's Cover-Shoot Photo Gallery

Reese Witherspoon and all-seeing-eye symbolism.

Jared Leto on the cover of Hollywood magazine. He wears an All-Seeing Eye ring so you fully understand why he is always hiding one eye.

intheknow7's Blogfrom intheknow7's Blog

Anatomy of Sarah L. Palin: Mind Kontrolled BETA Prog’md Sex Kitten

Sarah Palin