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Milla Jovovich

  • Kristina Lawson

    Milla Jovovich Imagery: One eye symbolism, bondage/mirror = mind control slave/multiple personalities

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And it didn't collapse, yet three WTC skyscrapers fell on 9/11?

".......did you know there was a 3rd building destroyed at the world trade center on 9/11. building #7. investigate it......"

Killer Mike - "Reagan"

Malaysian Plane Crash UPDATE - ACTORS used as victims. Proof with pics inside.

Not One More Crisis Actor – Hilarious vid about the terrible acting put on in the mainstream media

Why We Are Afraid (A 1400 Year Secret) by Dr Bill Warner - the media lies that cover up Islamic destruction

(symbology of the Cube, Saturn, fake Jesus, I Pet Goat, Twin Towers, false peace and freedom, and DNA/Hybrid agenda) – The Eurovision Ritual 2014 EXPOSED! (Illuminati Symbolism - Exposing Saturn)

Celebrity one-eye symbolism. "All Seeing Eyes (Eye of Horus) - The single-eye shot represents Eye of Lucifer or Eye of Horus---in a pathetic attempt to duplicate Omniscience of God -- also ubiquitous nature of their man-made tracking and surveillance. Left eye (=left path) clear vision, while right path is in darkness."-- Esoteric Kitten

Paloma Faith. Wow, just look at all her MK alters! We got some blasphemous Jesus imagery, a mask/veil (the true personality is put away). The peacock imagery represents immortality/resurrection and the Phoenix, yet another Illuminati symbol of the sun/satan, or esoteric knowledge, and is another form of MK programming. Red hair could also represent the Nephilim (hybrid angelic/human beings). In ancient works they were said to have had red hair.


List of Mind Control & Behaviour Modification Patents Filed. Search them here to confirm: United States Patent and Trademark Office

Satanic Grammy's 2014 - Beyonce's performance was a move-for-move dance of the Freemasonic sex magick ritual.

The World Government "NWO" Blueprint (huge pdf mapping out all the secret organizations, financial systems, media, etc and how they tie together) [saved to read later]

Ben Stein on Obamacare (Affordable Care Act) hypocrisy

46th Grammy logo: inverted pentagram / sign of Baphomet

The Chi-Ro symbol is a symbol used by Catholic priests and popes. It was originally an ancient Egyptian/Grecian symbol portraying Horus/the Sun God, aka more Babylonian Sun-worship. Catholics say it stands for the Alpha and Omega. It represents the false Christ of Catholicism/Laodicean Christianity. It is also the origin of the 322 skull and cross-bones logo.

While you were arguing over the rights of a dude who makes duck lost a bunch of yours. December 19th, 2013 U.S. Senate passes the NDAA 2014, allowing the government ability to indefinitely detain American citizens WITHOUT TRIAL. Remember, EVERY TIME a story is huge in the MSM, IT IS A DISTRACTION from something huge. Same thing happened when the heated gay marriage debate was happening in June 2013. That's when the House passed NDAA. WAKE UP. WE OFFICIALLY LIVE IN A NAZI STATE.

Illuminati Rebellion: It Will Cost You Your Life (Michael & Spears). Explains the symbolism of Britney Spears shaving her head and why people like Michael Jackson and Tupac were killed for speaking out against the evils of Hollywood.

One year later, is there any new information about the alleged Sandy Hook shooter? No, nothing at all. Here is what left of Sandy Hook Elementary School. That is how you destroy evidence.

Here's the logo of Race 4 Chase - a Sandy hook victim. My stomach is queezing. One-Eye symbolism. Definitely telling us it was a False Flag operation

The City of Sydney’s New Years Eye celebrations party is called “Shine”. The theme? A WHOLE BUNCH OF CREEPY EYES EVERYWHERE. Posters of the event are currently all around the city.

Stephanie Santiago again, with her friends, trying to look as Illuminati pawns as possible. 666 One-Eye salute, Isis imagery on shirt, devil horns hand signal, One-Eye necklace

"Urban model" Stephanie Santiago showing off her tattoo. Someone gotta pay for dem shoes, AMIrITe!?! Eye of Horus inside pyramid with Babylonian sun rays (Baal/Satan worship)

UK "reality star" (the saddest star category there is) poses in underwear and doing the 666 One-Eye thing. Just doing what he has to do to say somewhat famous.

Another edition of "Fashion Now". And another One-Eye salute.