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Learn all about the Illuminati "Mark of the Beast" that is being hidden in plain sight. The fusion of the "X" and the "O" is being used for an occult agenda. Learn all about it: #BigSean @BigSean

Justin Bieber's 666 Hoodie. Bieber is another abused child star, preyed upon by occult entertainment industry pedophiles, betrayed by his parents, and used as an Illuminati puppet.

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Hidden in Plain Sight: 13 Family Bloodlines of the Illuminati

13 Family Bloodlines of the Illuminati. 99% of the Earth's population is controlled by an "elite" 1%, but the Council of the 13 families consists of less than 1% of the 1% "elite". 44 U.S. Presidents Carry European Royal Bloodlines, 34 Are Genetic Descendants Of Charlemagne (Brutal 8th Century King Of Franks, & 19 Are Directly Descended From King Edward III Of England! They CLAIM TO BE entitled TO RULE OVER us because they are the DIRECT DESCENDANTS of the ANCIENT GODS and CLAIM TO BE…

The ghettos they are trapped and are hidden in holes they have become plunder with no one to rescue them or no one to say,send them back.