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Funny. Ohio's governor said the state shouldn't take the Medicaid expansion deal because the feds couldn't be trusted to pay their promised share into the future. Making seniors pay more property tax because the state decided to stop paying its share to fund tax cuts for people who don't need them is called transitioning to job creation. Really?

No wonder the Electoral College was created, so distant states like North Dakota, where no candidate wanted or needed to go, could still play a role in presidential elections. For the 48 non-battleground states that don't have enough swing-vote power to lure Obama-Biden or Romney-Ryan to their bleak landscapes, watching from afar again puts them on the sidelines of this year's race for the White House. For Ohio, the tipping-point state of the dozen "purple states", it's one hit after another...

For my new year's resolution, I promise to stop correcting your terrible spelling and focus more on your horrific grammar.

Ohio's system of roads and bridges has been one of its strengths over the decades, giving business what it needs to engage in commerce. That ability, which one time had multiple streams of money to fuel it but doesn't anymore because gas tax revenues are down and Congressional bickering has stalled federal funding, is a big problem for Ohio, and other states, too. What to do? Make deals with business for state assets. That's ODOT's plan. Advertising, sponsorships and more. #ODOT #Kasich #job...

Our gun rights are ours to stand for.

Two polls bring hope and cheer, heartache and dispair to each presidential campaign. For Team Romney-Ryan, only trailing Team Obama-Biden in the must-win state of Ohio was good news since it makes the tipping-point state a toss-up state. The 6-point lead another poll showed the president has over his GOP challenger wasn't such good news, since there's only 75 days left to campaign, and only a few percentage of voters are unsure of their candidate. In Florida, Medicare is big and Obama leads.


If you're a politician, and you know the power women can wield at the ballot box, doubling down on moves that can only rile them like putting a stick in a hornets nest seems the unwise thing to do. But if you're Ohio Gov. John Kasich, headstrong and wrong on any number of subjects that go against the grain of your electorate, putting the leader of the state's Right to Life group on the state medical board is an nothing short of an attempt to kick the hornet's nest of angry women voters.

Chief Justice O'Connor will meet as soon as Thursday with Ohio ACLU officials to address the issue of local courts imprisoning people for their inability to pay certain debts. This story might bring yawns to anyone reading it before 1828, when Ohio changed its debtor laws. But it's the 21st century. If local judges start doing again today what was common practice hundreds of years ago, there will be a prison building boom the likes of which we've never seen before. Paying your debt to societ...

Wealth Inequality in America

Constitutional Amendments (13-27)

Constitutional Amendments (1-12)

Because it is funny to see them run hahaha! Yes!

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This too funny and so true. I thought of this when my Ecuadorian bus driver told me he was learning English and how much harder it is than Spanish. I'm grateful it was my first language!

we were number one at quite a bit at one time, but lately the statistics show otherwise...

Normal vs Paranormal by Australian epidemiologist Matthew Freeman of the Public Health Information Development Unit at the University of Adelaide. via causeweb #Cartoon #Probability #Statistics

The reason men live longer than women.

Since Ohio is so important in this year's run for the White House, it's no surprise that Vice President Joe Biden was back in the Buckeye State on Wednesday to speak to a "fired up and ready to go" crowd that assembled to hear him at the student union on the campus of Wright State University near Dayton, home of Ohio heroes, Orville and Wilbur Wright, who pioneered controlled heavier than air flight. Mr. Biden added a tone of solemnity in light of deaths of embassy personnel in Libya Tuesday...

16 Reasons You Shouldn't Reenact Pinterest photos.

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