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Funny. Ohio's governor said the state shouldn't take the Medicaid expansion deal because the feds couldn't be trusted to pay their promised share into the future. Making seniors pay more property tax because the state decided to stop paying its share to fund tax cuts for people who don't need them is called transitioning to job creation. Really?

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Ohio's system of roads and bridges has been one of its strengths over the decades, giving business what it needs to engage in commerce. That ability, which one time had multiple streams of money to fuel it but doesn't anymore because gas tax revenues are down and Congressional bickering has stalled federal funding, is a big problem for Ohio, and other states, too. What to do? Make deals with business for state assets. That's ODOT's plan. Advertising, sponsorships and more. #ODOT #Kasich…


All These Numbers

I'm sick of numbers defining me. My GPA, my SAT score, my weight, my 1st degree murder convictions, my grades. These things are not who I am.

Lesson One. Only trust people who like big butts. They cannot lie. | Confession Ecard |