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Heh awesome.

Lol Harry Potter has so many odd relationships in it but I never saw this one! Sirius and Lupin?


I Waste So Much Time

it turns out.is a gay. Some people lost their minds, they couldn't believe it. Really, you can't believe he's gay.but you can believe he's a wizard?gay people actually exist.

Harry Potter

Funny pictures about The Hogwarts Library Is A Lie. Oh, and cool pics about The Hogwarts Library Is A Lie. Also, The Hogwarts Library Is A Lie photos.

That. Just that. No words about how corny and funny that is.

Awesome Neville-Trevor reference-- It could also be Trevor for Trevor Slattery on Iron Man 3 :P

As funny as this is, I don't think that Fred and George would be paying attention to who was in the common room-- they'd be more concerned about corridors.

Marauder's Map Reveals Ron's Secret Pleasures

This is an amazing moment in the movie, purely for the fact that Fred and George saw Ron in bed with a boy and didn't question it they just accepted it and that is truly amazing.


AWESOME sense of humor from a real person named Viktor Krum in real life. I know that there are real people named Harry Potter, but who would think there would be a real person named Viktor Krum?