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i love this blog (reasons to be fit). it features great reminders of what fitness is all about.

It's Fitness, Baby

Work for it

A 12-week weight loss program can be highly effective in helping you lose fat, whereas a 30-day fitness challenge is more useful for breaking through boredom or a plateau. They have different focuses and will give you different results, so deciding which program is better for you will depend on your goals. Read more:

Do the most effective exercise efficiently. Cardiovascular exercises are the ones that get your heart thumping and the fat burning, so cardio workouts such as brisk walking, jogging, …

So, you know when you look in the mirror when you're changing into your work out clothes at the gym? And you think, UGH, how in the hell do I fix THIS? Well- this is the perfect mantra.

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Fit girl motivation

And this is why I work out.

Reasons to be fit

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50 Inspiring Fitness Motivation Posters - Fit Girl's Diary

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Great tips for stretching before and after workouts.

Live right, eat healthy, and follow good PLAN....

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Real reasons to work out #workout #fitness