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Public toilet reminders: -Never place personal items on the floor. After using the restroom, do not pick up personal items with dirty hands. -Flush toilets with feet. -Wash hands thoroughly and dry with a paper towel, turning off the water faucet with the paper towel. -Use paper towel to open bathroom doors, prop open the door with foot, and toss paper towel into trash bin.

Effortless Bathroom Organizer Tips - -

Conserving Water Tip: Add water bottles to the tank. This is very simple, just take up to 3 empty bottles and fill them with water and pebbles before placing them into the toilet's tank. Make sure that you don't let the bottles in the tank interfere with the flushing mechanism. When you flush, less water will now be used.

Happy Home Fairyfrom Happy Home Fairy

Fun Ways to Give Money as a Gift!

Get an inexpensive umbrella from the dollar store and dangled bills from the inside so that when opened up – tada! A little something for a rainy day…

Send a box full of balloons with notes/money inside each one. Won't weigh much to ship! This is great for college care packages <3 prepare for one of these my favorite college freshmen!

Blessing Bag - Make some Blessing Bags and keep them in your car so when you’re driving along and see someone in need you can give them a Blessing Bag instead of cash. I purchased everything for my Blessing Bags from Aldi and Dollar Tree.

Measured in Momentsfrom Measured in Moments

30 Day Christmas Challenge: Day #21…Pay It Forward

Random Acts of Kindness: go to the library and pull out random books and stick this note and dollar bill in there

Give back with Random Acts of Kindness I made sugar cookies and gave them to my mail man he smiled and wished me a happy holiday It feels really good to give back this lady does alot click to get ideas

Random acts of kindness -- flowers with notes, attach to car door handles, leave in random places (at library desk, a counter where someone works, etc.) & hand out to people too

Astec glass, at first i thought these were bathroom stall doors painted. But wouldn't it be great if bathroom doors WERE painted like this? Especially in public schools?