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The font is big and bold. It gives the word power, and this case, the name Olga, personality. The letter G is exaggerated, giving the impression that whoever has that name is someone bold and over the top, and doesn't follow societies rules, in the same way the letter G doesn't.

typetoken® | I haven't seen many typefaces that highlight the serifs in his way. This contrast with he hairline main strokes is interesting and pushes the eyes out toward the borders of the page.

"Change The Thought" print. We love this idea especially in an election year. Perfect for conveying the collective power of democracy. #typography #posters #design

What I like about this type is that it's based off Helvetica, but it gives a completely new meaning and identity. Helvetica is a very universal typeface that could be used in almost all situations. However, this innovation of Helvetica almost restricts it to be using for a child related item, whether it be a book, logo for a childrens program etc.

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