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:) The sweetest photo ever...

a girl and her dog

Baby's Best Friend | I would hate for someone to try and mess with that little one. Looks like he has a protector! #pets #care #kids #safety

<3 <3 I can't stand it, so cute

Puppy Love

best friends



pit bulls

Unconditional love. <3

So very true...

Master...I will protect her like my own...

Just makes me smile :)

20 Reasons Why Dogs Are Man's Best Friend - on BuzzFeed! #dogs, #puppies, #babies, #cute

So sweet

This dog will be a personal sofa when Dora the Explorer is on TV.: Animals, Dogs, Sweet, Best Friends, Pets, Puppy, Things, Kids, Baby

ugh ugh ugh. I need a dog.

my baby <3


my heart just melted.