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  • Vickie L Bevens

    COCA COLA Ad LOOK Mag back cover 1952 Nurse by chinarosecottage, $7.99

  • lloyd lieberman

    vintage coca cola ads - Google Search

  • Susan Tompkins

    Vintage Cocacola Ad with nurse

  • Dina

    awesome vintage art and ads | TAGS ยป advertisements , pictures , vintage ads

  • MediaMed

    Quality you can trust #vintage #ad #coke #pop #soda #nurse #vintage #hospital #1950s #fifties #food

  • Kathy Jeppesen

    Nurses Drink Coke. This is awesome! Should say DIET COKE!

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Nurses Drink Coke....or snort it, the choice is really yours....hahahaha...just kidding...FUNH!!!!!

Reminds me of my friends: Becky Schneider Dern, Makenzie Ross, Alicia Clore

Coke Cooler.....Bahahaha! I am not, repeat am NOT a pop drinker..I'm pinning this for the humor only. I do still believe tho that we should still have the right to feed our bodies whatever the heck we want. I bet the 'Food Police' would be fast at work finding laws to ban these if they are aware of them. Too funny!

coke - U sure they still aren't making it with their 'secret ingredient' in it? I get so addicted...

This 1948 Coca Cola ad shows nurses stocking up on this classic drink.

Vintage Coke-Cola Nurse with Coke on Tray

Diet coke queen Haha! This is me, as I drink two DC with my breakfast eggs over easy! No judging is done on Pinterest, right?!?

Remember when we kids were given cola syrup for upset stomach. You had to get it at the pharmacy so I'm not sure if it had other properties but I know it worked.