Surreal Photography

Amazing optical illusion photography

woooooaaaahhhh :: mind blown ::

This gives me an idea for my next session. Oh la la! Love the mystery illusion of this b/w photo. photo by Tono Stano


Optical illusions

Cool hand paintings

Look carefully at this picture. First you see one face......then two.

Photography Ideas Use of mirrors Use mirrors to create illusions, as in this self-portrait by 18 year old photographer Laura Williams


Its all in how you look at things....


Russian Artist Turns Faces into Optical Illusions just using Makeup...

I really like this photo as it is not just disguising the person themselve but it is also disguising emotion that the girl is feeling!

Don’t worry, you are not under the influence of any drug (or are you?), rather, you are under the influence of art! Artist Joao Carvalho, aka J. Desenhos, creates 3D optical illusions that will have you believing the drawings are popping out of the page. By drawing in distorted blue lines in his blank notebook, […]

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Surreal Portraits Blend Mystical Landscapes with Reality !

Hands ~ Face