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Soho Marshall poo1l

Soho Marshall Pool London, Opened 1931 - closed Absence of Water series by Gigi Cifali. 71 x 71 cm x 50 cm image size)

A hallway inside the sandstone wards at Buffalo State Hospital. Kirkbride institutions followed a floor plan of a central building connected to long wings, which are staggered in a linear fashion on either side.

This curved connector hallway joined the two sandstone wards at the H. Richardson-designed Buffalo State Hospital, probably the most architecturally rich asylum in America. The curvature was a brilliant forethought - decades after the asylum was built,


1942 ‘Time Capsule’ Apartment Discovered In Paris, before world war ll, Madame de Florian - a socialite and actress, Paris apartment, untouched

Carl Georg Adolph Hasenpflug (German, 1802-1858), "Verfallene Kapelle/Ruinous Chapel" (1845) Oil on canvas, 61 x 72,5 cm Greifswald, Pommersches Landesmuseum

sainted-places: “ “Verfallene Kapelle“ (ruinous chapel), Oil on Canvas laid on Canvas, 61 cm x cm, Pommersches Landesmuseum Greifswald. by George Carl Adolph Hasenpflug, more.

Abandoned Greenhouse

A greenhouse could be of pvc and plastic sheeting. This was a proper conservatory. I will never afford myself.