Hahahaha so true



YESSS. I was a mother f-in artist!

hahaha yesss

Lol, yup @Rachel Corbin

So true

HAHA. True

every time.

so true!

YESSS!! bahahahaha

hahah yesss


Oh my, SO TRUE. phone up, cool ranch, xbox, apple, nike, hat on the left, verizon, monster? COKE. FANTA. digital, call of duty? (: LOL

I watched The Price is Right with my grandma whenever I was home sick from school....AND Y&R!

True hero

Yzma and Kronk, The Emperor's New Groove. Yesss!!!

Ha ha! This is so true. I am always cold!

Valentines Day Ain't Nobody Got Time For That Funny Mens/Womans T-Shirt via Etsy. Found this funny :)