Work.....enough said.

ahhh I so funnnny



story of my life

The many others...... People wonder why I gave my kids the names I did. I HATED my name growing up, there was always at least one other Jessica in my classes. There's only two other Keegan's, and no other Joanna's in the kids school!!!!

This reminds me of my niece and nephew all dayy! #likeaBOSS

My dear, you are not even worth the expenditure of air that it would take me to talk s**t about you. Move along, please.

I dedicate this to Matt, and his cereal....

You never really know who to consider a true friends until one of them blatantly lies to you over and over and you realize they were never really a friend to begin with! So sad but so very true! This ones to you!


It's so true!

so true!



Story of my life

Bahaha.. couldn't help myself. This is too funny.

so true