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    Stretches to Relieve Neck and Shoulder Tension

    Neck Pain Stretches for Office Workers - Much of my problem stems from spending too much time sitting in front of the computer. Thanks for the exercise reminder! #BACKANDNECKHELP

    How To Treat And Cure Stiff Neck Or Shoulder To Ease The Pain. This is amazing!...

    Stretches to Relieve a Sore Neck Instantly

    Nifty shoulder stretch.

    Five Moves to help with Back and Neck Pain and help improve your posture

    Stiff neck? sore back? or hold stress in your shoulders? these are great stretches to relieve pain, soreness

    5 Moves to Get Rid of Back and Neck Pain. - I could hear my neck crack the first time I did this.

    Loosen Up: 3 Yoga Poses to Stop Neck Pain.

    Stretching: How to Stretch the Shoulder


    If you hold your stress in you neck and shoulders these are great stretches to work it out!

    30-Day Squat Challenge — 4 Weeks to 200 Squats: Check out the plan

    Stretches to do before bedtime to help you sleep better. Need this when I'm too tired to fall asleep.

    SHOULDERS AND MID BACK (REAR DELTOID) -- Most women work their shoulders by doing a pressing movement or a side raise and neglect the posterior portion, which is very important when it comes to posture... Strengthening your rear deltoid muscles helps to pull your shoulders back. Most exercises that we do cause us to protract our shoulders and collapse our posture forward, accompanied by

    SHUTUP!!!! Aqua Spin - the biggest difference between a regular spin class and an aqua spin class is that aqua spin is said to reduce stress on joints due to the low impact, the calorie burn is up to 900 calories per hour, your body temperature is less elevated and therefore the participant is more comfortable, it is a reduction in muscle aches and pains due to the water involved! WANT TO DO THIS NOW!!!!!!!

    Stretch Before Bed: Stretching your limbs relieves aches, but it can also calm you and prep you for sleep. Here are a few ideas for stretching before bed so you can begin the relaxation process.

    How to Breathe When Running Very Interesting :) Good tips!

    Basic Stretches For Tight Hips.

    Eliminate stress and headaches by resting in this position for five minutes... Wonder if this actually works???

    Interval training in the pool is a great way to give your body a break from your regular workouts and stress on your muscles. Read more here!