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HAPPY AUTUMN! → For more, please visit me at:

I'm loving the chocolate brown basket with the pumpkins :-)

Looking ahead to weekend pumpkin picking!

Can't wait to visit a pumpkin patch! Not sure if Texas has any though. Haha.

We love these Cinderella pumpkins! They don't need any embellishment.

this is inspiring! what about one wall of the garden shed filled with long, gutter-type planters?

Jack-o-lanterns add a spark to your autumn-inspired decor, but this time, the faces and fancy carvings aren't necessary. Simply cut a hole in the top of a pumpkin, scoop out the insides, and place a candle inside the cavity to create a warm fall light. Try different sizes of pumpkins and surround them with gourds and other pumpkins to complete the arrangement.

Autumn Arises by KastleKitty. I love autumn. It is my season. -A

#4) A favorite Fall activity - Having a family day at the pumpkin farm and having my daughter pick out a pumpkin and going on a hayride.