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Retelling Anchor Chart....

yellow brick road retelling

Parts of a Story Anchor Chart

who what when where why how chart 2nd grade | This one belongs to Teacher Trap ! I love how it shows all the reading ...

First Grade Wow: Free Retelling Posters

Me: "Do you have a question, or do you have a story to share?" Kid: "Well...." Helping students see the difference :)

lots of Language Arts Anchor Charts: root words, prefixes, suffixes, nonfiction features, text structures and MORE

Check out these TERRIFIC ideas for retelling stories...a poem and a "retelling rope" with picture prompts!

Why Writers Write Anchor Chart #WritersWorkshop #AnchorChart

reading anchor chart

Give choices in word work.

Reading is Thinking!

On the Reading Anchor Chart

Eclectic Educating: Five Finger Retell!

This pin is great to use in the classroom. Teaching students that "Good Readers ask ?s is so important. Often times students are embarrassed to ask questions. I would pair students up with a couple of other students to complete this poster. I think students would enjoy doing this because they are working in groups to complete a creative task.

1st grade anchor charts


story elements