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  • Ellie Redle

    hehe 1999 so im not really a 90s kid but i still know kyle ;) the amanda show and totally kyle

  • Ashley Løseth (アシュリー)

    Totally Kyle from The Amanda Bynes Show. Not as good as the spider quote, but oh well.

  • Allyson Bol

    I did! Haha gotta love Drake Bell and The Amanda Show... Poor Amanda though! Haha love it my childhood

  • Codey Long

    What is this from? The Amanda Show? I remember this from my childhood!

  • Tess Duke

    hahaha TOTALLY KYLE! Repin if you read it in the voice!! I even took pauses

  • Kayla Mason

    I loved Totally Kyle. Drake Bell is so funny (and cute, as himself).

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That is the truest thing I've ever read.

Lol I do this all the time l!! Or I txt my own number and put mom as the contact name

Oh my gosh, I thought I was the only person who did this.

*there was also a fear of having my inner body parts exposed, after seeing the 90s cartoon "Inside Out Boy". This kid swings over the bar and his body is flipped inside out. He becomes a superhero but still..pretty gross Lol.

well this is terrifyingly accurate of my childhood...besides the wonderball and fruit stripes, never had either of those.

Totally got me…totally amazing how we see what we are told to see and ty to @Julie H for sharing

Hilarious. ahhh the good old days. lol

90s kids YES Ed edd and eddy!!! Cartoon Network was the only channel I watched my brothers influenced me well :)

All of these things are totally true. I am a 90's child.

YES YES YES. All the time. Thought I was a genius.