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  • Patricia Willey

    Mod Vintage Life: Birdcages

  • Diana Azzato

    decorating with bird cages blogspot | birdcage beautiful photography alice in wonderland pinterest surreal ...

  • Pádraig Shine

    Vintage bird cage, what more could a room ask for...

  • Melissa

    Dishfunctional Designs: Collecting & Displaying Collections Of Clocks. Fancy birdcage with clock.

  • Joyce Hughes

    Antique vintage clock face birdcage

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Astrological clock at St. Mary's cathedral, Lübeck.

I need this! Can't sleep without my fan an clock! Now it's all in one place :)

Steampunk clock - in Caleb's words "Awww, that is the best clock ever!!" Now we need to start collecting cogs and things.

Quiet minds cannot be perplexed or frightened but go on in fortune or misfortune at their own private pace, like a clock during a thunderstorm.~ Robert Louis Stevenson - en av Sveriges största inredningsbloggar

This clock represents time and the role it plays in the novel. The novel is told in a non chronological order which represents the absurdity of time. In truth, time, in the novel as well as real life, is simply a man-made illusion and truly means noting unless one decides it does.

Could do something like this if I modified the arms of a clock to be loosely telescoping so they only display 3-9.

Quiet morning time on the 1st day of Daylight Savings - when the rest of the family are sleeping I get to have some quality alone time:)

Famous clockmaker Seth Thomas created five clocks which were modeled after one in the town square of Bern, Switzerland. This clock in Columbia, SC is the oldest and is an iconic landmark of Sylvan's Jeweler's.

White Rabbit: I'm late! I'm late. For a very important date! No time to say "Hello", goodbye! I'm late! I'm late, I'm late,

Above bedroom doors of kids set at the time they were born. Or simply on an outside entry/porch into the home....