this is about right...


I'm having the kind of day at work where I fear that I am a flight risk.

try anything below an 80!! Nursing school lol!

Nursing Humor...Where do they go...???...LOL...


Bahahaha-Put my back out yesterday!!!

oh nursing

Student nurse

So true.

Funny College Ecard: So I have decided to write test questions based on my 40 years of nursing knowledge and not your semesters worth.

Nursing School: where you’re expected to have equivalent knowledge and responsibility as a Dr. in two years or less!

Funny Graduation Ecard: Putting more effort into figuring out the lowest grade you can get on an assignment and still pass the class, than into the actual assignment. - my students do this alllllll the time!


I know several of these...

Is it considered studying when a drug commercial comes on the TV and you name the side effects, classification and therapeutic use?


I used to shower, wear clean clothes, get straight A's, and get more than 3 hours of sleep at night. But then I went to Nursing Nursing School. #Nursing School

For the nurses

we will train you!