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Barbara Trentham by Herb Schmitz ('71-'74), as seen on Paul Gorman's site.

leopard coat 1950's

Catherine Deneuve in Paris

Beatrix Ost at Estouteville Farm

Photograph by Mark Shaw 1954

vintage 1950s dress ...meowww PARADE NEW YORK leopard full skirt pin-up shirtwaist dress

:: 1920's UK postcard ::

Olivia Lousada on a motorcycle outside Rosetti Studios, London, 1967.

Suzy Parker in Elle magazine, 1952. Photo by Georges Dambier.

1949 Christian Dior

Vintage Dior- 1950's

Photographed by Hans Feurer, Vogue, August 1989;

//|V|\\ . 1940s

The Daily Prep: Dispatch from my Father: Ski Jumping, Salisbury, Connecticut, 1961

Giovanna Battaglia

Mari Blanchard

Long Island 1949 Model is wearing a leopard hat and muff by Bruno with a suit dress by Hattie Carnegie. Image by Genevieve Naylor/CORBIS

Pierre Balmain, 1950. by terrand

Jean Patchett Vogue 1950s

"Sophie Malgat is wearing leopard-skin jacket, beaver-cloth cap, photo by Erwin Blumenfeld, 1949"

1950 Christian Dior Couture

Christian Dior, 1950s.