Alice Walker poem tattoo. Wouldn't get this particular poem, but i love the format and the boldness to go for this size/length quote!

Alice Walker, Beatitudes

Alice Walker

Alice Walker

The Color Purple, by Alice Walker

Alice Walker

Love Alice Walker and all her work.

Great Alice In Wonderland sleeve

Writing Quote by Alice Walker

aseaofquotes: Alice #Walker, “Listen”

Alice Walker

alice in wonderland tattoo designs

Alice Walker

#tattoo by Alice of Divine Canvas

Alice Walker - I'm really very fond

Expect Nothing - Alice Walker

Hmm. I have two sisters that I could do this with. We could get them graduated in size.

Do you suppose she's a wildflower? Tattoo. Alice in wonderland.

after a while... poem

Summer and Fall poem

Verses from alice walker's 'these mornings of rain//